Do your furry friend a huge favour, balance their emotions and promote balanced and well adjusted behaviour.Furry first aid does not interact with any other medications, it is safe for pets and even safe for humans!

Our range of six different blends are designed to help support your pets with a range of behaviour problems.  

Stress-ease – For stressed, frightened, shocked or distressed pets. For nervous travellers and unfamiliar situations like vets or groomers. Natural pet relaxer. Note does not replace veterinary care. 

Comfort – For pets suffering anxiety, homesickness or feeling lonely, can be used for pets relocating or going to a new or unfamiliar situation. Note does not replace veterinary care. 

Confidence – For animals that maybe nervous, timid, spooked, over sensitive or submissive. Naturally aids in confidence boosting. Note does not replace veterinary care. 

Vitality – For tired lethargic or unenthusiastic pets. Vitality gently supports a natural uplifting process. Note does not replace veterinary care. 

Peace – For angry stubborn, impulsive, unpredictable, dominant or stroppy pets. Peace helps support a more even temperament. Note does not replace veterinary care.

Harmony – For uncontrollable, unruly, risky, excited, attention seeking pets. Harmony helps support your pet to settle. Note does not replace veterinary care. 



How Can Furry First Aid Help?

Furry First Aid is an all natural remedy that uses Bach flower essences which have been well known since the 1930's to help with behaviour problems and emotional issues.

Maybe your pet has started acting out of character, this could be a sign that they are stressed or uncomfortable. Furry First Aid balances emotions with out any side effects and can be used in conjunction with any medication. It is safe and effective, simply add 16 drops to your pets water daily or 4 drops to food 4 times a day continually for 6-8 weeks.


Furry First Aid - Box Set

contains 24 bottles


Furry First Aid -Bottle

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