Art Guidelines


We have access to a professional, in-house design department at Bloomin and they can make recommendations and help you achieve the highest print quality for your promotions.

seed paper templates

Templates are available please ask. They will be emailed in PDF format and are editable in Adobe Illustrator.

preparing your files
Bleed A bleed is a printed image, graphic or background that extends beyond the trim edge. For trimming purposes, bleeds must extend .125" beyond trim edge.

Live Area Live area describes the imprint area that is deemed safe from trimming. It is .25 in from the trim edge on all sides.

Image Resolution 300-400dpi at 100%.

Color Color must be saved as CMYK. Conversions from Pantone (PMS) to CMYK may produce unexpected results. Included/requested PMS colors will be representative.

Coverage Cardstock: full coverage, 4-color (CMYK) process; bleed may not be available. Seed Paper: 20% ink coverage/20% dot gain (see Printing Information). Solid black areas print best as a build of40% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 40% Yellow and 100% Black.

Letterpress Art can be submitted as line (vector) art only. Save as PDF or EPS. Minimum coverage is recommended.

Accepted file formats

QuarkXPressSave as PDFX-1a. Page size must be set to the trim size of your job. Bleeds should extend 1/8" beyond the page area

PhotoshopCS4 or lowerSave as TIFF or JPEG, CMYK or Grayscale, 300 to 400dpi, flattened. Image size must be printed size plus 1/8" bleed all around if necessary.

Adobe IllustratorCS4 or lower Save as EPS file, fonts converted to paths or outlines. If images are linked, please remember to submit separately.

InDesignCS4 or lower Save as PDFX-1a, Press or Print Optimized. Remember to include bleed in your PDF settings.

Publisher, Word, Powerpointand other non-professional graphics softwareSave/export as PDF

Seed paper planting instructions

We encourage you to include planting instructions on your seed paper promotions. Write your own, or use one of the recommended versions below:

This card is embedded with wildflower seeds. Soak in water overnight. Cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until seedlings are established.

The handmade paper shape is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Soak the paper in water overnight. Cover with a thin layer of soil and keep evenly moist until seedlings are established. Sprouts will appear in a week or two.

Plant this seeded paper and watch your garden growa little reminder that beauty surrounds us every day.

Submitting your art

Submit your digital art files to You should receive a proof within 48 hours.